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With a nod to "Ear Play," the original founding radio series from the 1970’s, HEAR PLAY Audio Theatre approaches radio drama as an art form, creating dramatic theatrical podcasts that utilize the power of the spoken word along with the latest sound design techniques.  With skillful acting, nuanced direction, and artful design and editing, HEAR PLAY produces vibrant and engaging listening experiences presented directly to your ear with immediacy and a remarkable intimacy.  


Begun during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when theatres were shuttered and theatre artists were floundering at home, HEAR PLAY brings together actors and composers from around the globe to work together virtually.  It provides them with creative work and, equally important, compensation for their time and talents.  

Our collective of ARTISTS (actors, writers, composers, directors, sound designers and engineers) come from all over the country, drawn together by a love of the theatre and the spoken word.  The SERIES HOST is  SIMON JONES.


HEAR PLAY productions are free to enjoy, but we rely on your donations to continue our work.  All the money received is shared with the creative artists who work on our productions.  So, please consider "buying us a coffee" (or two!) to help us fairly compensate these talented artists and to enable us to continue bringing you excellent work.

The Hear Play Theme was composed by Joseph Trapanese.

HEAR Play Theme
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.25.jpg

Initial read through with audio cast for THREE WISE GUYS.  Pictured: TOP ROW: Dana Smith-Croll, Scott Alan Evans (Co-author, Director), Karl Kenzler, Ron McClary.  MIDDLE ROW: Jeffrey C. Hawkins, Joel de la Fuente, Victoria Mack, Jeffrey Couchman (Co-author).  BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Trapanese (Composer), Jack Koenig, John Plumpis, Jasmine Rush.  NOT PICTURED: Daryl Bornstein, Nora Chester, Steve French.

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