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The Triangle Factory Fire Project

I very much enjoyed (if that's the right word?) the beautiful radio play. It was spell-binding and worth the time to put aside and listen carefully.  So, thank you all for this wonderful, intelligent and highly theatrical radio play .  Hope there's more to come!

  Gregg Mayer


It's incredibly powerful! Hearing the piece, it's hard to believe that it's an adaptation of a stage play. It feels as though it was created for this sound medium.  I love the sound montages—those sections that give historical context or news reports. I'm wondering if you're a John Dos Passos fan. When I heard your montages, I couldn't help thinking of the "Newsreel " sections in USA, where Dos Passos drops in headlines and advertisements and a lot of different voices.  The editing is fantastic. You jump constantly from voice to voice, but I'm never lost—I'm always immersed in the lives and events.  And, of course, you have voices that weave in and out, so I feel I get to know certain characters very well. Margaret's mother is heartbreaking.  It's an overwhelming experience to live through the fire. The "thud . . . dead" repetition tore me apart. That really shows how voices alone can create the world of this tragedy and let you hear sounds in your mind.  The trial is compelling—and infuriating. It's great the way Margaret's story carries through both parts of the play. I love it when early on she starts to give her name, then you go to the trial for a beat, and then come back to her giving her name.  Your cast does an amazing job.  I hope crowds of people hear this. You've truly created living history.  — Jeffrey C.



Usually the only opinions I have are about beer and boys, but I thought this was truly great what you all did. I don't know how {one] directs from afar with the intricate sound production you engineered but it pulled me in throughout to all these individual people and moment by moment. Congratulations. 

— Robert Reinhart


I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed the Triangle Podcast.  A remarkable and tragic chapter in NYC’s history that makes theatre really come to life via Podcast.

— Jeremy Smith


What an amazing piece of work—the writing, the editing, the production, the performances. I’ve forwarded to friends who teach this history in K-12 schools. Congratulations on a great production. 

 Heather Cross

Over the last few rainy Tuesdays, we listened and marveled over the story and how well this was put together. [We] were deeply engaged in follow-up discussions and we reflected together on what it means to be a woman, to see and call out danger but not be heard, how history repeats itself, and perhaps most importantly, how to find our voices for good.

  Christina Lampe-Onnerud

We have now listened to the first part through our tears. It's brilliant. Mazal tov.  

 Naomi & Norman Patz

CONGRATS on the excellent radio play of THE TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE PROJECT! It’s incredibly well done and such an interesting and important part of history. Kudos to you and everyone involved with putting this together so beautifully in the midst of a pandemic! Sorry it took me so long to listen to it, but I wanted to wait until I had a clear head to take it all in.  I loved it.    Joseph Thalkin

I finished it and feel saddened. Production and Performance were excellent.  

 Charles Huntley

I did not have the pleasure of seeing this on stage, and regret that more since hearing these recordings.  What a wonderful production!  It sounded great and everyone was fantastic!  Part one was terrifying and the remaining two parts riveting.  Congratulations on such a tremendous job!  Eli Ganias

Jane and I listened in horror to the radio play. It was so well done, we felt like we were there. 


Three Wise Guys


Will replace Charlie Brown & The Grinch as a Christmas classic!  — William Thigpen

I just finished listening to Three Wise Guys.  It’s terrific!  I think I mentioned to you how much I love Damon Runyon.  I’ve read just about everything he wrote.  You have captured him perfectly. Listening has been a great way to start 2023.

— Elliot B.

Three Wise Guys was very entertaining. I'd like to know what happened to the guys as they continued on. The only problem is that Three Wise Guys revealed a hole in my knowledge of the classics. It looks like I have to check out an armload of Runyon from the library. - Rich Crooks

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